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red fusee and flares are a safe and stable item to store
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30 minute red emergency flares. self-lighting,
Red Emergency Flares. Self-lighting, and lasts for 30min
excellent customer service, maximum degree  of safety
excellent customer service, maximum degree of safety ,best shipping time in the industry
Road flare, railway fusee, Easy storage
Road flare, railway fusee, Easy storage, easy use, lowest price
  Nanjing Rich Fusees Co. has been manufacturing automotive and railway flares (fusees) since the 1988s. Today, Nanjing Rich fusee is the largest manufacturer of traffic emergency flares in China.
Automotive and railway flares are manufactured at plants in Jiangning District in Nanjing. The customer service functions for the automotive and railway flare business are performed at the Dongshan town facility. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province, which possessed with convenient transportation.
  Complete selection of safety flares and distress signals, first aid kits and accesories. Product lines include marine flares, road flares, light sticks and wilderness survival products.
Rich fusees is the nations leading manufacturer of visual distress signals. There flares are US Coast Guard Approved for marine application and most federal, state and local governments use their highway emergency flares,Our focus and our direction is to become the most customer-friendly, low cost provider of high quality optics products while generating an above average return on investment for our owners.

  Safety distress flares and signals, Boating supplies first aid kits and safety equipment, emergency road flares and wilderness survival equipment, marine and highway safety products, camping and hunting supplies,flare guns and lightsticks. Flares have been the recognized distress signal of choice for more than 100 years for one simple reason: there is no signal more effective for the cost and easy of use .  

same Orion flare, Rich flares are used by more highway patrols, police departments and other safety professionals than all other brands combined . Rich fusee has detailed protocols for quality testing incoming raw materials, work in process and finished goods.In addition to any quality/testing protocols demanded internally by Rich fusee, Rich fusee manufactures to the specifications of the Bureau of Explosives, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the Federal General Services Administration. Rich Fusee emergency flare factory receives on site facility inspections from GSA and UL to verify compliance with the comprehensive quality assurance program Rich fusee has instituted, maintained and upgraded over the years .With respect to actual product performance, each batch/mix of flare composition is tested by a supervisor for burning quality (which includes color, intensity and consistency) as well as burning time. Positive test results are required for each batch of mix before it is released into production. Once the mix is transformed into an actual flare, another random sampling is burned and tested for burning quality and time. This same process is repeated at two additional stages in the production process to assure that every flare that leaves the Rich Fusee plant exceeds the Bureau of Explosives and UL specifications.

Different road flare companies use different compositons when manufacturing road flares, so it is impossible to give a specific answer for the flare in your hand. However, they do tend to have similar compositions.every composition contains strontium nitrate (Sr(NO3)2). That is because the strontium is responsible for either a red or red-orange color. However, strontium nitrate is not a great oxidizer - a mixture of Sr(NO3)2 and a fuel will hardly burn. The automotive flares burn at approximately 70 candela.

Our strontium nitrate plant is located at aijingshan .The strontium salt plant owns a celestite mine, which guaranties 2.1 millionton of reserves, and thus a production line from mining celestine to producing strontium salt such as Strontium Chloride
Strontium Nitrate
Strontium Sulfate
Strontium Hydroxide
Strontium Oxalate,
Strontium Peroxide
Strontium Hydrophosphate
Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate
Strontium Fluoride,
Strontium Oxide,
Strontium Carbonate,High Purity

Safety  distress signals for railway highway and wilderness, road flare , Road & Highway Emergency Flares  manufacturer