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The intense flickering red glare provided by a flare through extreme environmental conditions is unparalleled by competitive products

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red fusee and flares are a safe and stable item to store
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30 minutes red emergency flares. self-lighting
Red Emergency Flares. Self-lighting, and lasts for 30min
excellent customer service, maximum degree  of safety
excellent customer service, maximum degree of safety ,best shipping time in the industry
Road flare, railway fusee, Easy storage,
Road flare, railway fusee, Easy storage, easy use, lowest price

Nanjing Rich Fusees Co.,Ltd is specially engaging in highway and railway flare market & manufaturer with offices in Nanjing.

Rich Fusee is in the business of manufacturing products which people rely upon to protect their lives. Rich Fusee takes this charge very seriously and seeks 100% product performance every time. To achieve this goal, Rich Fusee's commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry.

Rich Fusee has detailed protocols for quality testing incoming raw materials, work in process and finished goods

In addition to any quality/testing protocols demanded internally by Rich Fusee, Rich Fusee manufactures to the specifications of the Bureau of Explosives, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the Federal General Services Administration. Rich Fusee receives on site facility inspections from UL to verify compliance with the comprehensive quality assurance program Rich Fusee has instituted, maintained and upgraded over the years.

With respect to actual product performance, each batch/mix of flare composition is tested by a supervisor for burning quality (which includes color, intensity and consistency) as well as burning time. Positive test results are required for each batch of mix before it is released into production. Once the mix is transformed into an actual flare, another random sampling is burned and tested for burning quality and time. This same process is repeated at two additional stages in the production process to assure that every flare that leaves the Rich Fusee plant exceeds the Bureau of Explosives and UL specifications.

Due to the high expectations of Rich Fusee and the substantial quality oversight involved in selling to certain Federal and State agencies, Rich Fusee is painstakingly selective in sourcing the various raw materials for its flares. As an example, obtaining the proper paper for the tube housing the flare is critical in achieving optimal visibility. Rich Fusee utilizes a special paper which enhances the performance of the product by producing a minimal amount of ash. For the user, this means the flare will not "chimney" (i.e., when the head of the flare burns inside the paper, blocking the signal visibility). Flares made from inferior, low cost paper will not function effectively and the effect may not be known until it is too late.

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