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Our plant is located in Qunli Town at the source of Qin Huai River within the Nanjing economic circle of half hour. It is 18km far away from the Nanjing Lukou International Airport.Our factory is nearby the Ning Hang expressway (Nanjing to Hangzhou) In the county, there are provincial-level roads directly leading to Nanjing's Railway Station for both passenger and cargo. The traffics is very advantage

The company was founded in 1971 with a land area of 420,000 square meter. We produce the series of strontium salt, such as strontium carbonate, Strontium Chloride,Strontium Sulfate, Strontium Peroxide,Strontium Nitrate etc.
We drafted the industrial strontium carbonate national standard [GB10660-89] and industrial standard [HG/T2969-1999]. Our strontium salt plant owns a celestite mine, which guaranties 2.1 millionton of reserves, and thus a production line from mining celestine to producing strontium salt. The annual production capacity of chemical strontium salt products is more 25,000 ton.

Over 30 years, We insist on pioneer spirit of unity, struggle, opening up and forging ahead, combines continuously the resource advantage with technical one to produce quality products. Our strontium carbonate is awarded with title of important product and product of trusty quality by the Nanjing Municipal Government and titles of quality product in municipal, provincial and ministerial level. The product is in good graces of domestic customers.

Strontium Salt is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, metallurgical industry, pottery and porcelain, fireworks, magnetic materials etc. We pushes forward continuously technical innovation and production development, follows the operation concept of taking science and technology as base of development and pays great attention to customer's concern. It has formed series of the main strontium salt such as strontium nitrate, strontium sulfate and strontium chloride.

In the meantime, the company has pushed forward clean production by sing high-tech in treatment of waste residues, waste water and waste gases and achieved successfully "one control and double conformity with standard";. It is thus awarded the title of advanced enterprise for environmental protection in conformity with standard by the Nanjing Municipal Government. To improve management level of environment, the company has introduced the environmental management standard ISO14000 for promoting healthy and sustained development of enterprise.
We advocate marketing concept of customer first and honest as essence and strengthens management to offer products and service of top quality. It was the first company among the national similar enterprises, which applied the ISO9000 international quality management standard series. In February 2000, the company was certified with ISO9002 quality system by UK Mody International Certification Company and in August 2002 with ISO9001:2000 quality system in transferred version.

The company has been awarded as enterprise of "highlighting contract and observing credit" for 12 years running by the Nanjing Municipal Government.