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We are one of the leading providers in china's inorganic chemical industry, specializing in producing high purity strontium salt .

The company's subsidiary plant is located in the mining area, where there are abundant high grade and easy-to-exploit mineral reserve of strontium, More importantly, our company is one of the few companies granted the privilege by the government to use the natural resources.

Our company currently expanded its production capacity to 25,000 ton output per year. As a professional supplier with global perspectives, we assist our clients to fulfill their objectives through high quality, comprehensive services, competitive prices and integrated, creative solutions.

With our mission to becoming China's foremost inorganic fine chemical organization, we can only achieve this aim by gaining a complete understanding of customer's needs and continually fine-funing our manufacturing processes and management to continuosly exceed our customers' expectations

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Inquiries are welcome at our offices. please contact:

Mr. Andy,

Address:Ai Jing Shan Strontium Mine, Qunli Town, Nanjing, 211211 China
Tel: +86-25-66615076, Mobile phone: 13851954567

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